Humans under sever trauma  have four responses: Fight, flight, freeze or fawn. During COVID we saw all those reactions in the workplace. That is not sustainable as we need to adapt.

Many organizations adapted as an impressive speed. Not because they were ready for COVID 19, no one was, but because they had the ability to adapt to any situation. This ability to adapt is Agile and organizational agility.

This goes beyond organizations. Countries were not prepared, as governments through policies and regulations, or as citizens. Some countries adapted and raising testing capabilities, social distancing, and masks. Science was the foundation for their actions.

For parents who have children in school had to adapt to online schooling. In Jordan we had a national platform (درسك) and private schools had their own platforms. The largest digital adoption in human history accomplished in a short period of time.

To adapt or to be irrelevant. It is a matter of speed at which we can take new actions to achieve our goals. Agile is simple, but not easy.

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