How valuable is Agile in practice? What are the business impacts of Agile? Why should we care about Agile?

I will identify some statistical evidence on the impact of Agile on the following areas:

  1. Projects failure rate
  2. Teams productivity
  3. Customers satisfaction
  4. The bottom line

First of, Projects failure rate:
What do the statistics say? The Agile failure rate is 8%, while the Waterfall failure rate is 21%.
The best thing about Agile failure is that it happens early, which reduces the losses. Traditional methods fail near or after the delivery date. And might not be what the customer wants.

Teams productivity
What do the statistics say? at least 400% better than the average waterfall team. 
Who wouldn’t want to move faster?! What is more important is that Agile provides the ability to switch directions based on feedback. 

Customers satisfaction
What do the statistics say? 56% more satisfied customers than traditional methods.
The goal of the traditional method is to deliver a project, service or a product. The goal of Agile is to add value to customers. How? by getting constant feedback and then adjusting future work based on it. 

The bottom line
What do the statistics say? 60% growth in revenue and profit.
If a business improves these aspects then an increase in its profits will follow.

No wonder 71% of companies are adopting Agile. The challenge is not if we should adopt Agile or if Agile works for us anymore, the challenge is how do we get Agile right.

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