I am all about getting people learn something new, especially about themselves and what they took for granted but never knew.
Talking with a friend, he contemplated how trivial life seems some times. We had an interesting discussion and a few questions came into play. When is life enjoyable? When do you feel valuable or adding value? What are you about (your mission in life)?
The last question is extremely important. It is a journey of discovery and reflection. I don’t think our mission fundamentally changes in life, but I do not know yet. And I do not know when and how it’s nurtured. What I do know is a approach to bring it to the forefront of your life to engage in more conscious decisions.
I have been dwelling in Agile and posted an article about Agile and personal goals, and I believe agility is the right approach to discovering your mission in life. How can you start? I would recommend getting feedback from others, here is an exercise by Simon Senik to discover your why. You can also think about the goals of your actions, what are you trying to accomplish and derive a pattern from those goals. Aim to articulate it in a simple way. Think of a few sentences as a max. Remember that this is only a starting point and not a box to hide inside, keep reflecting upon it regularly and improving it with further discovery.
For me it is to give people insight about what they take for granted to challenge it. How? Whether through knowledge, experience, or challenges – whatever way possible. I relish those moments when people stop and discover a new angel or perspective, the AHA! moments, especially about themselves.

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