Workshop outline:

  1. Agile introduction
  2. The history behind Agile
  3. Describe what learning Agile requires
  4. Why does Agile matter?
  5. Where Agile works best and where it doesn’t (Cynefin framework)
  6. Agile and Agility (The Agile mindset)
  7. Agile Values
  8. Agile principles
  9. Frameworks of Agile

5 hours course over 5 days

Time: 23 Aug to 27 Aug from 7 PM to 8 PM

Price: Free (This course is for individuals not organizations, contact the trainer for organizations)

About the trainer:

Musab has more than 14 years of professional experience and is an Agile and digital transformation expert. He works on designing cultures and environments where true innovation and collaboration can happen. He is the founder of Agile Jordan and held positions as Chief Operating  Officer (COO) with Salalem e-learning and a product manager at the Royal Hashemite Court. LinkedIn: